Matt Hooker

Photo Credit: Aaron Nace

Some of my earliest memories are of me drawing.  I drew with pencils and pen throughout my childhood. Not until high school did I really fall in love with painting.  I've lived a dual citizenship between a suburb of Boston where I am originally from and Charlotte, North Carolina; where I currently live. 

I don't pretend to have a deep-rooted, tortured motive when it comes to art. I simply create things that fall into one of two categories: Cool to look at... or total garbage.  Once I can look at the work without squinting like I'm peeking at a solar eclipse... I move on to the next piece.

On the side I am a competition kettlebell lifter, personal trainer, yoga teacher, motorcyclist, guitar player, obsessive companion of a pitbull named Beef and dabbler in the worlds of drums and rock climbing.

Travel Commissions Accepted.